Trailer Training

Trailer Training is always a fun and positive day for everyone involved. The more I do this, I have discovered that the trailer training sessions often turn into a modified ground work session that helps both the horse and their handler become more confident in their partnership. I do this because I love the smiles, the positive energy and I really love watching a horse click with his owner. It really is a blast.

“What people need to realize before hiring me or anyone else to teach their horse to load well is that there are all different types of horses out there who have different backgrounds as well as attitudes. There is no cookie-cutter way to teach a horse to load. There are several common denominators for success, though. They include persistence, patience, consistency and common sense. A lot of problems can be solved just bearing these thoughts in mind. While many horses that I train take as little as two hours to get right, some require extensive work to fix the bad habits that they have learned. People must remember also that just the act of loading a horse can be very dangerous. So whether you have a good loader or bad loader, always get the help of a qualified professional to make sure you are handling your horse properly.”

“Once your horse is loading well, the handler has to keep up and practice on a regular basis what the horse has learned. This will increase the chances of a successful relationship in the future.”


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