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This is a little bit of a wild card for me, but I like this horse so much that I feel he needs the benefit of our representation. This is a well bred Quarter Horse that is an absolute blast to ride. I learned about him through a great woman who owns him but just wants a quiet trail horse. Zuni is not quite that, but he is all business when it comes to the gaming world.

He is broke to barrel race, do reining, and cut cattle. He can be a bit sharp out of the barn when he is out of a program, giving the occasional buck at first, but for the rider with experience, this sensitive, extremely athletic and intelligent horse is for you. Once going, he is the kind of horse that you will need to be pried off of. He stands quietly and loves to work and play. Auto lead changes and auto-pilot gaming moves make him all that more attractive. He has a great mind when it comes to his job and doesn’t get hyped while he is gaming. This horse is going to be someone’s trophy winner and best friend.


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