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The benefits of owning a show horse:

  • Show horses are exciting at all levels of their training.
  • Show horses compete often – an average of two venues per month.
  • There is a sense of closeness and a great energy that surrounds a show horse.
  • Entertainment. The show horse competes in the name of the owner. Watching a horse develop through the years is an adventure like no other. Imagine going to the horse show with friends and family to watch your horse compete as he works his way through the levels of show jumping.
  • To be a part of something big. The goal of every Ledyard Show Horse is to excel at the top of their sport. Each new horse stirs the dream inside of Shane of creating a legendary show horse.
  • To be a part of a team. All great show horses have a dedicated team that surrounds them that includes: owner, trainer, rider (often the trainer), farrier and veterinarian. This team is managed by the trainer and becomes a close knit unit over time.

The goal of Ledyard Show Horses:

The primary goal of Show Horses is to develop top level show horses for the Show Jumper and Hunter disciplines. This is the dream set within Shane Ledyard that leads to our secondary goal: Making horse ownership something that truly enhances the person’s life and that of those around them.


What are my responsibilities as an owner?

It is very simple. Pay the bills and support your horse. All management decisions are made by the trainer. All you need to do is enjoy your horse. You can watch him train as often as you like and attend the horse’s shows with friends and family.

What happens if the horse gets hurt, goes lame or dies?

Sometimes horses get injured. When this happens they may need a lay-up period or they may be permanently disabled. This is the toughest part of being a horse owner. An owner needs to be both mentally and financially prepared to put a horse to pasture, donate it to an appropriate organization if possible, or euthanize the animal when appropriate. We strongly recommend that each horse is insured for both major medical and mortality. While insurance may help cover some financial loss, the reality that a horse may be permanently injured or die during training/competing is something that an owner needs to be well aware of before getting involved with a horse.

What does a show horse cost?

You can buy a project horse for as little as $3500.00 and you can buy a top level made horse for as much as one million dollars.

What are the costs related to owning a show horse?

The average cost of owning a show horse is between $1500.00 and $2000.00 per month.

Is this an “investment”? Will I make money with a show horse?

No. This is not a way to make a return on money invested. While you can occasionally sell a horse that you own for profit, it is highly unlikely. Prize money is offered at some horse shows but the fees typically far outweigh the prize money.

If there is no way to make money, then why own a show horse?

For all the reasons listed above and more. A horse can give back to person like nothing else in the world. This is about sport and passion, pure and simple.

Sir Winston Churchill said:

  • The horse competes in the name of the sponsoring company resulting in the company name being announced every time the horse enters a ring at a competition. Horse show demographics clearly demonstrate a high quality market that is a perfect target audience for your company. In addition, your company will get a prime spot on the Ledyard Horse Training web site.
  • The horse wears coolers and blankets in the company’s logo while at shows and events, compete in saddle pads bearing the company name while the rider and grooms wear clothing with the company name. This is serious, repetitive exposure for your business in all the right areas.
  • PR: Media coverage can be generated, especially in the equestrian press, relating to the actual sponsorship deal as well as to any successes.
  • Corporate days can be arranged, both at major shows to see the company’s horses compete, and at the stable. Shane is happy to speak to clients at shows or to show them the horses at home.

What an icebreaker! Meet with clients in a family friendly atmosphere while your horse competes wearing your company’s logo. Bring the family along as well for a unique day out for everyone.

Horses inspire! As Pam Brown put it:

“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves-strong, powerful, beautiful-and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.”


What is the primary goal of a sponsored Ledyard Show Horse?

The primary goal of a sponsored Ledyard Show Horse is to expose a company’s business to its target market using the powerful tool of horseflesh.

What are my costs/responsibilities as a sponsor?

Simple. Pay your tax deductible monthly sponsorship fee of $1500 and start enjoying the benefits that this gorgeous 1200 pound walking billboard will create for your business. Your horse and his expenses will be managed by Shane Ledyard.

What if I don’t want to sponsor anymore?

Sponsorship deals are on a month to month basis and you can cancel at any time. When you cancel you forfeit your buy-in fee, the horse, all of the equipment as well as any custom gear purchased horse.

Where do my sponsorship fees go?
Your company’s monthly fee is for the horse’s boarding, training, veterinary, insurance, farrier, transport, and competition expenses.

What if the horse I sponsor gets hurt or goes lame?

A portion of your buy in and monthly sponsorship fee is escrowed for just that scenario. If, after the judgment of the trainer, the horse is no longer suitable for development or competition the horse will be replaced by one capable of competing.

Do I own this horse?

No. The horse is property of Shane Ledyard and Ledyard Horse Training. The purpose is to get your company the benefits of sponsorship without the liability of horse ownership.

Can I own a horse instead and still get the benefits of marketing?

Absolutely, if you decide that you want to be a bigger part of the picture and own the horse that bears your company’s name that is an option as well. See the information above that pertains to horse ownership.
The $7500.00 start-up fee will allow you to sponsor a rescue or ex-racehorse that Ledyard Training chooses as a suitable prospect. If your company would like to sponsor a show horse that is already competing at a higher level, Shane would be happy to help you choose a horse that closest matches your goals.

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