Psyches Shadron

Shadron is 14.1 1/4 barefoot and freshly trimmed.  He has size in his background and throws bigger foals when bred to bigger mares.  Have only bred him to one small mare and the foal exceeded both sire and dam in height.  His 18 month old filly out of a 15.1 hand mare stands 14.1 already and she is not anywhere close to being full grown.  I do not know the mature height of his other foals, but have been told they are not as small as him.

Vetgen tested SCID clear. His metallic sheen is enhanced by his high tail carriage as he floats across the corral and struts his stuff.  Don’t you think you would like to add those names to the pedigree of your very own foal!  He thinks he is very cool and if I would give him a pair of sunglasses, Oakleys of course,  he would love to strut his stuff for the ladies.

Padrons Psyche is *Padrons best-siring and most look alike son.  He was US Reserve National Champion at the tender age of 3.  From the Arabian Legends book: “……….out of a daughter of the Tersk-bred *Tamerlan(Arax x Trapecia).  Psyche is somewhat line-bred, with three lines to Aswan, two to Arax and four to Priboj–but he carries a most unusual and extremely rare tail female dam, Dafina, a desert-bred mare– imported in England from Saudi Arabia by Lady Wentworth in 927.”  The book goes on to say “……….When he was just a baby, Psyche was “discovered” at a small Midwestern horse show by highly-regarded trainer Gene Reichardt.  The colt’s amazing presence and excellent conformation impressed even Reichardt (who has seen it all!), and he rushed to a telephone to call Walter Mishek, owner of many national winning Arabians and publisher of the “Arabian Horse Times” magazine. Reichardt convinced Mishek to buy the youngster sight unseen, right on the spot.  Although somewhat reluctant, Mishek did so.  It was like winning the lottery.”  In 1997 Padrons Psyche was the leading halter sire for both the US and Canadian national shows.

*Aladdinn is the only stallion to win a European championship and then go on to win US National Champion (unanimously) and Scottsdale Champion Stallion.  From the Arabian Legends book: “The enchanted smoke from *Aladdinns lamp seems to envelop all who descend from the dapper little bay.  Both get and grandget tend to inherit many of the same fine characteristics that make *Aladdinn himself such an outstanding individual: large eyes set in clean heads, excellent necks and shoulders, sound straight legs supporting good, tight backs, especially strong hindquarters that promote balance and athleticism, and an overall smoothness that draws all the parts together.  Many are bay.  Perhaps best of al, they often possess his
willing, sensible, quiet demeanor, a personality particularly well suited to the stresses of the horse show world.

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