This page is for the horses that are not yet in our breeding program, but are being considered.  To make it to the breeding stage of our program a mare or stallion must pass our criteria.  They must be sane and not overly reactive.  They must show sense and a gentle soul.  If they do not pass the tests, they will not be in our program.  The following horses are being evaluated for their future in our program.

This Chestnut

Flaxen Morab colt is from the breeding program of Morability Ranch in TX. Born in 2006.  He is kind and good looking all rolled into one.  He has a bit of chrome, but we won’t hold that against his gentle demeanor   Will take photos as he continues to mature.  I expect him to mature at between 15.1 and 15.2
hands.  He is 62.5% Arabian and 37.5% Morgan.  He is registered with the International Morab Registry.

Red Rock Dazzelina

Dazzelina is out of my mare Halima Rabi and the stallion Jazz Reata Hondo.  She is Ryans favorite and
he is hers as well.  She was born in 2005.  She is pictured on the 2005 foals page on the home page.  She is dark chestnut and friendly. has matured to 15.3 1/2 with a fresh trim.  16 hands grown out.

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