Mountain Horses Past Sales

We are offering Little Lulu – a finer built 3 yr old filly.  She’s up to date on shots, etc.  She was  traded in last fall by a lady that had purchased her as a youngster, but realized she is not going to be large enough for her to ride.  Lulu will probably be around 14’3 hands and is of a slender smaller boned build.  She’s real stylish, loves people, easy to catch and handle.  Prior to coming to us last fall, she was ridden numerous times in an arena, but had a person on the lead line.  Her gait just loose in the field is a thing of beauty!

When she came here, we  turned her out to the large pasture with the herd to have an extra winter to grow up and socialize with the herd, she is very good socially.  She has been pleasant to work with and handle.  Is not a jumpy nervous horse, I tied her for the picture and drove the car past her several times and she was totally unconcerned. Left her tied several hours and the  knot was not pulled tightly at
all, although the first time I tied her up, I was not careful to do a good knot and she released her self, went back to the barn and climbed into the stall she had been in before I started to work with her.

As she sheds out I’ll get some more photos, she’s a lovely deep red with nice blaze and 4 stockings.  I’ll also get a video up of her.  She has not been reg. but has the papers to do her registration.  If you want a flashy, well gaited smaller filly – Lulu would perfect! We will be breaking her to trail this summer, but if you purchase her before we put the time into her – we’ll sell her for only $900.

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